Sync "Select group's content on click"

The Select group’s content on click is not synced across different machines.

When I open the file, this option is deselected by default on all my folders. It’s a bit frustrating because I’m working on the project alone from multiple machines, and each day when I open a file, I find myself adjusting groups before I can start working.

**Reasons for closing the file

  • Sketch performance decreases when working on large-size design systems, so I sometimes need to restart the Sketch app several times per day.
  • Sketch crashes from time to time.

When opening the file from the cloud, please load the most recent “Select group’s content on click” properties.

Screenshot 2023-04-30 at 16.54.22

Hi @Paulius, I’m not sure I 100% understand, because by “Select group’s content on click” you can be referring to two different things. Let me first try to set a baseline of understanding here about how this feature works.

  1. On groups, you’ll see a “Select group’s content on click” in the Inspector, which is a property of the Group. So when you enable or disable it, you’re changing what happens for the selected group(s) only, not for all groups in all documents.
  2. On the application Settings (Sketch > Settings > Layers), you’ll see a setting called “New Groups: Select group’s content on click for new groups”. When this is enabled, any new groups that you create will have their “Select group’s content on click” property pre-enabled.

Also important to note:

  • Properties of layers (like no. 1) are stored in the document, so groups with this setting will behave the same way for anyone editing the document, on any machine.
  • Application settings (like no. 2) are stored on your Mac only, and don’t sync between machines, so Sketch settings apply to you, on that specific Mac.

Now, on to your suggested idea.

As per the above, in the document, this option is per-group, and for existing groups, you have to enable and disable it for each group.

What do you mean by this? Do you want the app-level setting to sync between different Macs? Or do you want that setting to apply to ALL groups, regardless of their individual “Select group’s content on click” property?

I created a step-by-step guide to reproducing the issue. Originally I thought that this issue was related to switching between machines, but I just realized that it happens on the page level.

  1. Create a file
  2. On Page 1 Create layers, Group all layers, and Select in the inspector “Select group’s content on click”
  3. On Page 2 Create layers, Group all layers, and Select in the inspector “Select group’s content on click”
  4. Close the file
  5. Reopen the file and check if the Select group’s content on click is selected on groups on both pages.

For me, the Sect Group’s selection is dropped on the page that is not currently open.

Select group’s content on click.sketch (268.1 KB)


Thanks for the video, that’s much appreciated, we’ll have a look!

Related question about this feature: in which scenarios do you use “Select group’s content on click”?

@paulozoom I’m using this feature to organize and select objects faster. I would normally drag Artboards and Grouped Objects that are on canvas. If you send me an email I can share a video and show exactly how I’m using it now.

@Paulius I’d appreciate that, could you please send it over to ?