Symbols detaching randomly

Hi, in the last couple of days my team and I have been noticing instances of symbols randomly detaching from the master symbol.
This happens both with complex (page layouts) and simple symbols (page title with Title, Subtitle and breadcrumb).

Checking the history on the Cloud made things even stranger since in some instances we never find the object connected to a symbol but the artboard was a single step of a process where all steps where created with the same parent page-layout symbol and the artboards of the steps right before and after have the element correctly associated to the symbol.

We have double checked and none of us detached any symbols.

Anyone else having this issue?

The file has about 140 artboards and we’re half way through the project…

We are using Sketch v96 (updated today to 97) on Macs with Ventura.

Hi Adam, I picked up the email you sent us about this issue, thanks! I’ll get to it and share an update with you. I’ll also keep my eyes open in case anyone else is experiencing this.