Stop guides snapping to pixels?

I think I’m being really dumb here … but how do I align a guide with the edge of some text for instance … my guide keep snapping to the nearest pixel marker on the ruler?

Hi @pwar66,

To turn off snapping open the Settings window by pressing ⌘, (Command + comma) then select the Layers tab and disable the option for Pixel Fitting

You can also find this option by clicking on the menu bar Sketch → Settings…


Hi Jorge,

I thought it was that, but tried it and that’s not it. it doesn’t seem to effect the guides.

see this example … I’ve been given the artwork with type in position, I can move the type to meet the guide on 25px or 63px … but I can’t move the guides to line up with the type where is it. The guides will only ‘snap’ to the pixels markers on the ruler.

Has it always been like this - or am I going mad?

Hey, thanks for clarifying and sorry about the last reply.

Guides will always snap to full pixels on the rulers. The Pixel Fitting option applies to layers only. In the case of text layers, guides snap to they layer bounds, which is a bit different from where the characters are actually sitting.

Can I ask how setting a guide without snapping help in this case? I can think of vertical alignment, where trimming the vertical space of a text layer can help, but you may be trying to do something else. Thanks again for the reply

Hi Jorge,
Thanks for replying.

I was thinking it would help to be able to line various design elements up with other. I guess it because I’m jumping between PS, Illustrator where guides don’t snap to the px … might be better if the type did snap to the guide anyway.

for some reason I thought it was a setting I couldn’t find - but I think I must be mixing it up with Illustrator or something

Hi Paul,

Yeah, it can certainly be useful for aligning text + layers. A workaround can be to adjust the line height value so the text layer bounds match the characters’ height. That helps to vertically align with other elements, but I can also see how guides can help achieve this.

I’ve added this as a feature request. Thanks again for posting this and let us know if we can help with anything else