Resize smart layout when hiding elements

I use Smart Layout a lot. I would like to be able to see the layout change when I hide elements.
My use case is to see the difference when I go for a certain element, e.g. a subtitle beneath a headline or a section divider, by hiding the element, so I can decide to go for it later by simply hiding it and not having the need for deleting it or moving it around in my layers, so the smart layout behaves correctly.

Hey there Carmen!

Hope you’re doing well! Could you share a sample Document of what you want to do? I think our team is working on something similar, but I want to make sure.

As of now, if you hide a nested Symbol within a Smart Layout Component, the top-level Component (if it has SL enabled) should react to the changes. :bulb:

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Hi Raul,
i hope this link works as my example file (quickly modified from a bigger file) was too big to upload here: Sketch
In this case, I would like to test, e.g.

  • what it looks like if my client wants to add the hidden secondary button in the header area or if my client
  • would like to add the card at the beginning of the list of section 3 that is hidden
  • or what the page would look like when hiding all sections…
    and the layout would adapt accordingly.
    Does this help?

The changes through symbols are helpful, but not the best option to use in every case, as I do not want to make a symbol out of every single page element or section…

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And we hear you! This is definitely something that we’ll raise with the team, so these cases and specific uses are taken into account :pray:

Thank you so much for taking the time to post this and share your thoughts with us, we truly appreciate it.

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