Selection issue for Artboard set as 'thumbnail'

Hi! I’m having issues selecting an Artboard when it’s set as a thumbnail. I’m using version 99.5 on my Mac (Sonoma 14.4.1)

Steps to Reproduce

  • Create two Artboards
  • Name them 01 and 02
  • Set Artboard 01 as a thumbnail
  • Select the Artboard by thumbnail icon (name on canvas). Artboard is selected
  • Select Artboard by number (01 on the canvas). Artboard is not selected
  • Same thing occurs if the Artboard has a short name with letters
  • See attached video

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Hi Nico!

I’m sorry to hear you’ve run into an issue with selecting the artboard that is set as the document thumbnail.

I’ve followed your instructions and have been able to reproduce this issue. I can select the artboard by clicking the small image icon on the artboard marked as the thumbnail, but I can’t select the artboard by clicking the name, so I’ll go ahead and file this bug.

Thank you for letting us know and we’ll work to get this resolved :pray:


Awesome, thank you!