Select layers inside a symbol when prototyping

If I have a symbol with lets say a heading, paragraph and a button on an Artboard and I want the button inside the smbol to link to another artboard in this context I cant select the button because it´s inside a symbol.

It would be powerful to be able to create an interaction on a object inside a symbol.

Hi Martin. :wave:
You’ll be pleased to know that you can already do this.
This screenshot should hopefully show you how to do it, but let me know if you need more info.

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That’s how it works at the moment. But this is not optimal. Wouldn’t it be better if (to stay with this example) we could simply click the button within the instance used on the artboard and, just as it already works outside of symbols, simply drag and drop the prototype arrow onto an appropriate target? I find it a pain to have to dig through the overrides each time to find the appropriate target artboard or overlay.

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Hi Xhaust. :wave:
Well, as it stands now, you kind of can and can’t do what you requested.
What you can do is directly select only the nested button Symbol using clickthrough (Command-click on the button inside of the Symbol to select only that nested Symbol). Then the Inspector will show only the properties of that selected nested object, rather than the entire parent Symbol, so there will be no need to dig through any long list of overrides.
What you can’t do however, is use a drag-and-drop method to place the prototype arrow. You do still have to use the Inspector.
It’s a valid request though, and something worth filing for consideration. :+1:


I didn’t know this was an option (selecting none as the target). But now that I do, I also didn’t realize that this circled thing is a prototype override. Perhaps if there was a heading there that said “Prototype” would help.