Link Prototype Action to Nested Symbol

It’d be great to be able to connect my prototype action links to components within components or specific items within the component. This is due to things like navbars with various action buttons and items that can lead to different views or have different functions depending on the view its on but would be a pain to redo for each view.

Hey Kevin,

This can be done! You can add prototype links to your navbar symbol source and then override any link in an instance if needed, keeping the others with the default links.

There’s only one scenario we don’t have yet: link to a target inside the same component. But you can link to any other views that are outside your component.

Since you mentioned a navbar I’m thinking of adding links to a set of predefined artboards and then overriding some of those links depending on which artboard you’re working with.

Can you share a sample file if you’re running into some issues?