More Prototyping Overlay like things

Wasn’t sure how to title the suggestion lol So the overlay feature is great and I am sure you are already planning on expanding this. From experience with XD - you can completely prototype out all functions. You can create a scroll effect - so he images slide across the screen and change like an actual scroll. This would be lovely to see with the overlay feature in the future.

Thanks @jseroogy :smile: We’re currently working on an overhaul of our prototype player which unlocks a lot more possibility when it comes to the effects you’re suggesting. The team will no doubt be looking at this topic to help shape what we do next with prototyping. If anyone else has anything to add — or wants give this topic a vote — that helps us out, too.

Nice to hear (read) that. It would be a nice thing to have to be able to swap instance as interactions, and to define scroll not only base on the “template” size, which is very limiting. There is no way (if I’m not wrong) to prototype carrousels right now, for instance.

@leohans this AMA answer from Pieter might be interesting to you. TL;DR: Things like swapping instance as an interaction will be something we can look at and work on once we haver a new prototype player up and running. :smile:

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Oh… I missed the AMA!
Was it live? Is it a recording available?

No no, all in that thread I linked to! Just a Q&A in a forum topic, so you can read the whole thing back at your leisure. And I’m sure we’ll do another sometime for folks who missed out on asking questions.

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