[Released] States for symbols

Would be great to have the ability to create states for symbols, things like hover, active, etc. Would add some nice polish to interactive prototypes and help when developing a system.

Thanks @mste for the suggestion! We’re keeping an eye on this. If others have anything to add or want to vote, please do so; this helps for future planning.

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I´m missing a feature to be able to animate buttons on the same artboard. Like hover and active as an example.

Lets say I have a symbol named checkbox / selected and checkbox / default. I would like to animate between theese two states and in my prototype where there are checkboxes a user can press and toggle each of theese checkboxes.

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Done & merged the topic @Martin. Your vote has been added automatically. Feel free to expand upon this topic. Thanks!

On desktop projects I often miss the “hover” interaction.
Showing the Hover style of a button or a tooltip of an element, etc.

Invision had a very simple solution for that, (selecting if triggers an overlay by hover or click) i’d happy to see that features in Sketch.


@Beegee added your topic here as well!

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This should have been part of Sketch out of the box. Every other tool has this. For someone coming from Figma and XD, this is a major deal breaker preventing me from getting the subscription. Honestly, I’m not willing to pay for an add-on like Anima just to get a hover state in Sketch, that’s silly.

Hi again,

Today I experimented with symbol states and while it’s not possible to create a hover effect, it’s possible to create symbol states, per se, like in this demo:

Note that this is not on separate pages. It’s done using overlays. If there hasn’t been a guide written, I can prepare one.


Hey Patrik,

That’s an intriguing solution. Thanks for sharing. There’s no guide yet so feel free to share it with the community!

:wave: I will, just recovering from a tough cold, so I’ll make sure this is posted in a few days.

Hello guys,

My team and I are using invision and their service ends in december 2024. We mostly use it because of a few missing features in Sketch, states being at the top of the list.

Do you guys have any update on when this will be implemented ?

I personally find it abnormal that we discussed a change of design software as a potential solution for this issue.

Please Sketch team do something, this is the top voted idea in your forum and there is no communication about it.



Hey @pierre1 Welcome to the forum, and thanks for sharing. I’m sorry, but we can’t make any promises about this feature at this stage.

We’ve received a few questions about the Invision situation and what we can offer. We’re working on a guide to show what Sketch can do, and we’re also planning an event with a live demo. Hopefully, this will be useful for you and other designers facing similar questions. We’ll share more info on this in the forum soon.


I found myself in the same situation as @pierre1. I think Sketch is a powerful tool and in our company we have been using it for some years. Since this Invision moving out of the market issue, we started testing sketch prototyping features, but the lack of some basic functionalities as the interaction type (clic, hover, …) it has opened the discussion to migrate to other design software (aka Figma) and I agree that it is abnormal for Sketch loosing clients over this…

In my company, we have decided to wait until Q2 of this year to make the decision to make the change. I hope that the Sketch team is working in making improvements to the prototyping tool and that by that time they have already made it available.

It would be a real shame if Sketch did not know how to take advantage of the “window of opportunity” that has opened. :broken_heart:



@noe, one of my colleague sent me that this morning from sketch instagram:

Thank you all for your comments. We’ve taken it to heart and are exploring a technical approach to implement this feature. ‘Stay tuned’ is all we can say at the moment.


@noe @mste

I was curious enough to watch the Sketch video talking about replacing invision and they talk about states coming soon : https://www.youtube.com/live/tbTmhbWb3lw?si=QCdFyZ0BR5stp9bt&t=2080 (see starting 34:40)

@ Sketch team, IMO you need a proper way to let people ask you for features, let them know what feature you working on and update people correctly. Don’t wanna give names but search " Feature Request Software Tools for Managing Product Feedback" or use the forum better to make it look like we’re heard.


OMG finally hover-states!! :heart::rocket: … hopefully within Symbols
Can’t wait for this feature anymore (waiting for years)


Hey @pierre1

Thanks for sharing, I should have informed you and others in this topic about video and event sooner (my bad).

As for your suggestion:
Anyone interested can request for features on the forum, in case of this request and Smart Layout in Symbols (top 3 votes), we listened and acted or are acting on the requests.

We’re not planning on releasing a long multi-period roadmap or provide too many hints in advance. We’d like to have the freedom to change course when necessary, without needing to break our promises.

We do release Sketch betas Sketch Labs - Sketch Community Forum this is the place where everyone can play with new features before we officially release them. Once a feature is released or available in the beta, we update the status forum post.

Occasionally, we’ll drop hints on socials or here, but only if we’re confident in our ability to deliver.

Of course we’re happy to listen to different ways we can make our communication better.


Hello everyone, our new Beta is out, including some additions for hover, press and toggle effects in prototypes. Feel free to give it a try. I hope you like it!


Thanks for sharing! this is going to be very welcome.

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