States for symbols

Would be great to have the ability to create states for symbols, things like hover, active, etc. Would add some nice polish to interactive prototypes and help when developing a system.

Thanks @mste for the suggestion! We’re keeping an eye on this. If others have anything to add or want to vote, please do so; this helps for future planning.

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I´m missing a feature to be able to animate buttons on the same artboard. Like hover and active as an example.

Lets say I have a symbol named checkbox / selected and checkbox / default. I would like to animate between theese two states and in my prototype where there are checkboxes a user can press and toggle each of theese checkboxes.

Done & merged the topic @Martin. Your vote has been added automatically. Feel free to expand upon this topic. Thanks!

On desktop projects I often miss the “hover” interaction.
Showing the Hover style of a button or a tooltip of an element, etc.

Invision had a very simple solution for that, (selecting if triggers an overlay by hover or click) i’d happy to see that features in Sketch.

@Beegee added your topic here as well!

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