Rectangular Border Around Transparent PNGs

  • Mac OS X Monterey v 12.6.9
  • Sketch version 98.2
  • Issue: I want to place a border around a transparent image, but it’s including the transparent pictures and instead placing a border around the outer rectangle.
  • Steps to reproduce: Import a transparent PNG. Go to borders and add a border with a width of 5. Notice the border is aorund the outer rectangle, not the image itself.
  • Example: Sketch

Hi there, :wave:

Thanks for sharing. Even though Sketch wasn’t intended to be a bitmap tool, we are always keen to receive feedback on how we can make more advanced tools to help you with your projects.

I would love to hear from you on how you’d see this working and what other specifics you would like on this feature, if you can include some examples, that would also be very helpful! :smiley:

I will then happily document this request with the relevant team.

Thanks for your time!

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