Prototype - Symbol states

Hi, I am creating a large protoype and would like to include states within the symbol where I can.

The Hover state is a text color change and the inclusion of the icon (icon is in the symbol and hidden in the default state)

Is there a method of creating a generic symbol with a default, hover and click state in the example shown below without creating new symbols for every menu item?
*I have 30+ of these in one menu which would mean 30 unique symbols x each state

Hi Mark. :wave:

I’ve put together a quick demo document where there is just one Symbol for the main Component here, with Default and Hover visibilities set up within it.
As it stands now, because there is a visual change of style to the text layer on hover, this does mean that you will have two Overrides for this Component in the Inspector. But this does mean that your Symbol will work anywhere that you use it, regardless of the background.

However, if you know for certain that you will always have the same background color for these buttons, then you can adjust things slightly and use transparency, so that you do only have the one text override.

Let me know if this resolves your situation, or if I can help you further.


button.sketch (47.4 KB)

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Hey Brett, OK checking out your file.

Yeah that works for this project. 2 for 2 today Brett :fire:


Another idea would be using Overrides within a new symbol that contains all the States. This way you can:

  • Have everything tidy up (not everything on the same Symbol)
  • Still be able to manipulate the states independently without having to hide/show them on the Layer List (You can just edit the Symbol Source).

Brett’s idea works beautifully tho! :rocket:

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Thanks Raul, Ill play around with this idea also and see what feels and scales best.

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