Problems to show correct name/surname in SSO

When tagging a user in a comment, we really need the ability to see a user’s last name and/or email address.


Regarding the Last Name suggestion: Sketch accounts have a single Name field, not separate first and last name fields. So what you’re seeing here is due to the fact that both users are only named “Brian”, and you should ask these folks to make their Name field more distinct.

Regarding the Email suggestion: noted.

@paulozoom the problem is, in SSO you cannot change the name at all…

Yes, that’s correct and by design. Those users will need to adjust their names in the identify provider, then. Are they both named “Brian” and only “Brian” in the identity provider? That’ll be confusing in other apps and services, too.

No, in Active Directory their names are fully available. It could be a mapping issue with supporting SSO, not sure how exactly that works. I guess I can ask the IT team that helped set this up to see if we even had any control over this.

Interesting, we’ll have a look on our end too.

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There should be a way to correctly pass the full names to Sketch. Please refer to our documentation on How to set up SAML SSO in your Identity Provider · Sketch

Here is the mapping we currently have set up. It looks like we are indeed passing surname as a unique field.

In this case, I think it’s best if you reach out product support or to your team’s Customer Success representative to debug and find a solution, they’ll be best equipped to help.