Only show Beta update diffs in App Release Notes

Beta Sketch versions get updated frequently, and it can be difficult to help assess the difference between releases without seeing the diff in the release notes.

I recommend showing both the diff and the overall version release notes in the beta app when pushing beta updates. Since some users will have several beta updates bundled into a single update, it would be ideal if the diffs from all of those updates would be bundled into a single diff.

Hey @Phy, thanks for the suggestion!

I’m one of a few folks in Sketch who are involved in writing our release notes so I guess I can try and respond to this one. :sweat_smile:

Right up front I can tell you that with our current setup, something like this would not be trivial for us to implement. Certainly not if we were to take into account, as you suggest, whether someone is receiving a single update, or the previous three at the same time.

Typically, we aim not to have any huge changes in any given beta. Things are fairly locked in and we’re looking to pick up on bugs or edge cases that we might not have considered with a smaller user base internally. If we do make some major change, I try and make that as obvious as possible, and I’ll make sure that continues to happen with your suggestion in mind in the future.

All that to say, I will take a look at how we can make major changes in a beta more obvious, but it’s unlikely to take the form you suggest right now.