One-handed canvas movement

Feature Request:

How about if the right mouse button held down would move the canvas (what I usually do with the space bar held down and the left mouse button held down) I could then do one-handed.

Supernice I would say…

I actually imagine it like in Miro. For example, I switch back and forth between the two tools a lot and often find myself holding down the right mouse button and moving the mouse.

Please do that for the macapp as well as for the webapp (and windows :pleading_face:)

Thank you for the idea! Wasn’t aware Miro did this, it’s interesting. However, I think chances are extremely low we’ll ever do this. Mac apps open context menus on secondary click — which allows people to mouse down → choose menu option → mouse up to action that option, in one fell swoop — and this is a convention that we’d like to respect. There’s ways we could go about it, but we’re satisfied with the current ways to pan the canvas.

How about Middle button for panning when available?

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Those are very very nice, and interesting requests!

A workaround I can offer right now would be to use an app like: SteerMouse, where you can set up Chords and this way you can create nice interactions (custom to you!) on any app you like.

For example: I use a MX Vertical mice, and with the Top Button, I have set up the Shortcut “Spacebar + Click”, this way I can use it to Pan the Canvas.
Screenshot 2023-09-28 at 4.20.57 PM

A more advanced one I have set up is: Top Button + Scroll Up/Down to Zoom In/Out of the Canvas.

This enables me to quickly navigate the Canvas without any need for Keyboard Interaction.