Multiple overlays from one single interaction hotspot

Hey i am trying to click on an option and have the overlay drop down with multiple options but this doesn’t seem possible… would anyone know if there’s a way to connect 1 hot spot to multiple different overlays that are linked at different points around the canvas

Hey @bruno Unfortunately, it’s not possible to connect multiple interactions from the same point to different overlays. You can, however, create multiple hotspots (H) that link to these different overlays.

Or - and this is maybe a stretch - add multiple shapes (meant as overlays) in one Artboard, turn that Artboard into an overlay and reduce Alpha in the Color Picker to 0 to make the background of the Artboard invisible.

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Ahh shame! No worries, Sketch isnt going to be perfect, but the team and the style of the app makes up for it big time!!! I love team Sketch!!!

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Thanks for the kind words!