Masks - Bounding box is sized to the masked content not the mask

Maybe I’m missing something here, but when masking content with groups or symbols, the bounding box extends all the way to the masked content outside the mask.

ie. I have a rectangle card item, containing an oval shape that extends outside the card and is cropped by the mask. When selecting the card group, my bounding box is bigger than the mask, including the cropped shape.

I’ve watch the video here: Masking shapes · Sketch and it doesn’t seem to have that behaviour.

I’ve just double-checked, and putting an image layer in my group forces the bounding box to the mask, whaaat. Can I reproduce this with shapes and text only?

I can’t seem to find any setting or preference for this anywhere.
Thank you.
Version 96.2 (167306)

Hey @Jean-Francois-b

Sorry, I’m not sure I fully understand the issue. Would you mind sharing a screen recording from the behaviour with us?


Hey @jonne

Thanks for the reply, sorry for not being so clear.

Here’s the link to the screen recording:

I hope dropbox works fine, that’s what I had on hand.

Let me know if I can describe it better.

Thank you!

Hey @Jean-Francois-b

Thanks for sharing the video! It’s a clear example. This behaviour is not supposed to happen. We are working on a fix and this issue should be fixed in the next released.

Thanks for reporting!

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