Links to another file/artboard/page

In our team we manage a complex product design system with a lot of different projects, files, etc.
Often, to explain a functionality, we need to make reference to other files, or artboards or pages in other files.

It will be great to have a component that allows to enter interactive links that our developers can use to navigate to these other files.

Right now we’re creating these informative artboards:

But we’re missing the option to convert those texts in 100% functional links.
Yes, I’m aware that we could do this just by introducing a link in a comment, but my perception is that is too hidden.: The developers would need to open the comment and then click on the link.

I want to be able to create texts or symbols that work directly like a regular web link.

Hi @pinker :wave: thanks for sharing this!

This is a request we’ve received in the past in the context of prototyping, so I just wanted to confirm one detail, just in case: your request refers to having links to external URLs in Web app documents (canvas and artboard views), correct?

Well, yes and no.

What you mention, the possibility of linking any external URL will be welcomed and I’m sure might be useful un many different situations.

What I’m suggestion is the possibility to directly link and jump to canvas, pages or artboards of other sketch files. If that works both in the Sketch web app but also in the Sketch Mac App, it would be even better.

Hi @pinker :wave:

Noted, thanks for the clarification! It’s been documented as a new, different Feature Request

I would find both, linking to external URLs as well as linking to other Sketch prototypes extremely helpful, as this was possible to achieve with InVision.