Layers Panel Row Numbers

Hello! I’m curious what anyone else things of adding something like this. In the layers panel, it can get sometimes get quite difficult to figure out which layer I’m looking at because they all end up having very similar names. So if we had a numbers column on the left (similar to a text/code editor), it could make it easier to find a specific layer in the list because I’d just have to remember the number I’m looking for.

If you look at the attached images, one is of the sketch layers panel where you can see many similarly names symbols, and the other is showing VSCode with the row numbers. So a combination of the two could be useful.

Hi Jason, thanks for sharing this! I like the idea! In text editors it’s so easy to find a specific line and error messages when debugging code always use line numbers. This could work for layers too and I’m also very curious to see what others think about this :thinking: :smiley:

I’ve shared this with the team too!

Oh this seems like a really good one! Have an upvote! :point_up_2: