Integration of baseline & bulleted text into the text panel

As an art director in pharma (I am sure many others are there) We need to be able to superscript text in a much a easier fashion. selecting text and going into the menu and choosing baseline every and each time is super time consuming. I hope you can add these features on the text panel for ease of use. I also vote the same thing for bullets and raise and lower options as well. One other minor thing is when we superscript the text it stays in same size and actually the normal behaviour is it would be meaningful to scale that down the half size as for starters as superscripted text is usually almost the half size of the actual text size.

Hi, Alan.

I also work in Pharma and would love to see these options. I use a superscript generator (Superscript Generator ― LingoJam) which I find to be a lot better than using the superscript feature in the Sketch app.