Import Figma files

I tried to import a Figma file to Sketch.
Everything is fine and imported correctly except for Text Styles. I get these errors but I have SF Pro font on my Mac.

Hey, thanks for the report!

If you want to get up and running quick, you could use the Replace Font feature of Automate Sketch!

  • Download and Install the Plugin
  • Open the Document where this warning is showing up.
    • Make sure the Fonts are not working
  • With the Document open, do: Plugins > Automate > Text > Replace Fonts
  • Choose the fonts you would like to replace
    • In this case, it would be any of those SF Pro reports that the Importer is having issue mapping
  • Choose which font you would like to replace it with
  • Done!

Thank you for your reply but It’s not about font. It is about “Text Style” which isn’t imported from the Figma file.
You can download the Figma file from here:

As you see there are no Text Styles after importing:

@Taha Ahh, indeed, it seems like something must’ve changed in how Figma defines their styles that this process is now failing.

We have filled an issue here on your behalf: Text Styles fail to be imported · Issue #102 · sketch-hq/fig2sketch · GitHub


Thank you for following up.

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