Feature or Bug? Slices in Symbols are not exportable

I have 4 Artboards which re-use the same slice settings with the same presets, transparency settings and the like, but different dimensions. So I made the slice a symbol, and replaced the slices with symbols in the Artboards. To my surprise, none of the instances of the symbols can be exported and none of the settings of the slice are inheritated - going to File => Export, they don’t appear, either.

Seems like either a feature, bug or oversight - any any large design system I’d like to be to re-apply the same settings for slices. At the very least, I’d like to be able to change a preset set and update all the presets using it… a Preset Style - but also with the settings a slice gives for background colour et al. (Would also like the same thing for Artboards)…

Hey @raphcohn!

Thank you for the post and the feedback.

Would you mind sharing a sample Document with us? We’d love to checkout this more deeply and if need be, we could share this sample Document with the team so they know what enhancement might be in order to our export presets or Symbol behaviour.

Thanks a ton in advance!