I can't download an asset inside a Mask with Inspect's Sketch Cloud

In a Sketch file I have prepared a vector that is inside a Mask for exporting in .svg but when I try to download this vector from the Inspect tool in Sketch Cloud I’m not able to clic on it and that is why I can’t see the option to download the asset in .svg.

This is how I have it in Sketch:

This is what what happen in Sketch Cloud:

Can someone help with this issue? Am I doing something wrong here?


What happens when you click ‘Export Assets’ and download all the assets as a zip file?

Are you able to right-click here, and then select the “Path” layer from the contextual menu?


Thank you @Brett, this way it works!!!

It is not as intuitive as the direct click but knowing that it is done this way for cases with masks, I will communicate it to the rest of the team.

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