How to swap symbols and keep the proportions

This is an answer to the question asked in this post

Symbol swapping and sizing has a bit of nuance. The squeezing and stretching happens when you swap the current symbol for another one of a different size. It depends on your symbol setup, but, in general, you can avoid the squeezing/stretching with these two options:

Activate the option “Swap at Original size” - this fits if you’re swapping an icon that has the same width but different height, for example

swap at original size


Constrain the symbol’s width and height

Navigate to the symbol’s source, select the symbol layers and in the resizing section, activate both the horizontal and vertical axis of the symbol so it will always keep its proportions

CleanShot 2023-09-28 at 18.06.52

Let me know if these help and if not, can you share a bit more details of what you’re building and the symbol swaps you need to make?


Hi, thank you for this explanation, but it still doesn’t solve the problem if the symbol that we want to swap is nested in another symbol. When I select such (nested) symbol, in the dropdown menu, I see only option to “Show same size symbols only”.

Hi @srkkrs, yes, when swapping nested symbols it is expected to only see that option. In that case, constraining the target symbol’s width and height can prevent the squeezing.

If you’re still experiencing issues maybe you could share with me a sample document that contains the parent symbol (that holds the nested one you want to swap) as well as the target symbol?