How do you manage your icons?

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I’d love to know how everyone manages their icons and uses them within Sketch?

Probably like you, I have dozens of folders of icon sets I’ve bought and downloaded over the years. I find myself defaulting to SF Symbols in all my personal projects though.

  • Does any one use any specific apps to categorise their icons and sets?
  • Do you then add/import icons into Libraries, or just add them to documents when you need them?
  • If you’re using Libraries, how many icon Libraries do you have?
  • If you make/have made icon sets, do you have anything interesting to share?
  • How many sets do you have? And how many have you actually used? I’m a hoarder :see_no_evil:
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I’m using


I’ve never had a better time organizing icons, and icon sets, than when I found IconJar


I don’t use a dedicated icon management library. I save icons in my clipboard manager.
The reason I use a clipboard manager is that I can not only save icons, but also styles copied in Sketch, image groups, etc. This is very useful for me. CleanClip


Oh! I have never heard of this one, thanks for the recommendation! :pray:

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I had to put my credit card to get CreanClip. It’s indeed a time saver. Saying goodbye to Unclutter App.


I can confirm that me and a colleague also got licenses for it, it’s really good!

Here you can see my workflow:

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