Generate Smart Text


Lately I found it super useful to use LLMs to generate close-to-real copy for the designs. It makes everything more realistic with very little effort.

It would be cool if a little bit of mindful generative technology would be built into Sketch. You could add an option to generate text for input fields in the Apply Data menu. Similar thing can be done for image fills.

It feels like a relatively small feature that could make Sketch feel much more modern. Thoughts?

(as an illustration it could be something like this for text, nothing too flashy)

this would be so awesome to have inside of sketch <3

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I believe we need to hang tight until June for the Apple WWDC 2024 developer conference. That’s when they’ll unveil the new Mac OS and iOS. Rumor has it that they’ll be introducing AppleGPT, which should make life easier for Sketch developers in adding lots of cool AI features.