Auto-convert text to outlines on export

Would be great if we could auto-convert text to outlines on export. Preferably also via the CLI tool.

This is useful because font-embedding in SVGs are sometimes problematic, and for content without a lot of text, converting them to outlines makes sense size-wise.

(we don’t want to convert them to outlines in the source document itself, because that makes editing and working with text a lot more complicated)

That’s an interesting idea. I’ll share with the team, thanks for the suggestion!

Thanks for taking time!

If you add it, please add support both to the macOS app, and to the CLI. That way we can automate image generation via our CI-server (Github Actions have a macOS runner).

We’re going to start some larger work on localization for our system. As a part of that work, we’ll also look at graphics.

Just wanted to check back on this one, to see if this is something that’s been discussed internally?

The way I see it, Sketch being app-based is an important [technical] distinction vs. Figma.

Somethings this is likely a problem for you (harder to build collaboration features). But sometimes it’s an edge, because Figma cannot run in a Github Actions CI (continuous integration) runner, but you can.

When you are trying to find your place visa-vi Figma, maybe more automation (Sketch CLI and Sketch APIs) is an area where you would have a natural upper hand?

Hey @sandstrom

Apologies for the late reply. I’m afraid there have not been any changes on this topic so far. We’ll keep you posted if things change of course.

Thanks @jonne!