Fixed background blocks non-fixed elements

Hi, there!
I’ve designed an app with a fixed background image (this image is an instance of a complex symbol). Above its layer, the rest of the elements of the design should be scrollable.
But when I go to the Preview Window, the fixed background covers all the screen and the other UI elements are hidden (like “below” the background, though there layers are above).
Is this a known issue? Some workaround to achieve this?

Thanks in advance!

José Juan.

Unfortunately, the situation you have described is a known limitation of how prototyping works at the moment.
Be assured however, this is something that the team does want to resolve at some point though.

Thanks, Brett.
I hope it becomes a priority at some point, thus it’s a very basic behaviour. It’s so simple and common to have a fixed background. The possibility to have scrolling items above it, but can’t display it in Preview Mode seems a very important limitation.
Best regards,