Fixed background blocks non-fixed elements

Hi, there!
I’ve designed an app with a fixed background image (this image is an instance of a complex symbol). Above its layer, the rest of the elements of the design should be scrollable.
But when I go to the Preview Window, the fixed background covers all the screen and the other UI elements are hidden (like “below” the background, though there layers are above).
Is this a known issue? Some workaround to achieve this?

Thanks in advance!

José Juan.

Unfortunately, the situation you have described is a known limitation of how prototyping works at the moment.
Be assured however, this is something that the team does want to resolve at some point though.

Thanks, Brett.
I hope it becomes a priority at some point, thus it’s a very basic behaviour. It’s so simple and common to have a fixed background. The possibility to have scrolling items above it, but can’t display it in Preview Mode seems a very important limitation.
Best regards,

Also having this issue, where I have a fixed sidebar and my top navigation is being covered in the prototype due to having it set to fixed despite the top navigation being the top layer.

Any updates on looking to improve this area? Otherwise love prototypes and the overlay addition more recently.