Documentation Plugins

Hi guys.

What plugins do you use for documentation/specs?

If so, I am interested in trying them out. I see that Figma has many plugins to help with this area. One of particular interest is EightShapes Specs.


I’m chiming in with useless information only to say that I don’ t know of any good ones. I feel like there used to be some back in the day, but they weren’t really that good. That EightShapes Specs one for Figma looks really awesome and I wish there was something similar for Sketch.

Currently, for design specs I do it by hand in Sketch and then some of it with zeroheight (using their annotations feature). It really does take a long time to do.

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I was trying to remember the plugin that was fairly popular a while ago for this, and found it. It’s Sketch Measure: GitHub - utom/sketch-measure: Make it a fun to create spec for developers and teammates

It looks like that one was killed off in 2019, so then Sketch Meaxure came out, which was a fork of Measure: GitHub - qjebbs/sketch-meaxure

Meaxure’s last update was in 2021, so I don’t know if that one is supported or not anymore. I haven’t used either of them, so I can’t tell you if they are good, or if they work or not.

Yeah, I have been using Sketch MeaXure for a while now. It helps but isn’t perfect, especially compared to the vast amount of Figma plugins for this purpose. Ngl, the continuous feature releases and the community of Figma are making it harder and harder to stick with Sketch.

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sad but true :frowning: