Creating a contact form with an email destination

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Fairly new to Sketch, and am wondering if there is a tool/plugin that allows the easy design of contact forms? Something that a user can fill in and then click ‘Submit’ and the form send itself to an email address or other destination?

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Could you elaborate a bit more? Perhaps provide us with a few examples that can guide us through the best answer.


Yes, I can do that.

I am looking for a way to create a contact form (Name, Contact info, Text body) that has a clickable button that will take that form, and send it (the form) to an email address.
Similar to contact us pages on most commercial websites.

Thanks in advance

Hi there,

Just checking to see if this is at all possible?


Hey @Webdesigner

I’m not aware of any plugins that could achieve this. Maybe others here do know more. Some parts you described above are possible. For example, you could look for a library with standard components that would allow you to easily design a contact form and then create a prototype to simulate clicking the button, adding an email address and continuing to a form.

The type of library would depend a bit on your style preferences.