Crazy Sketch uses: Minesweeper!


Hey everyone! :wave:

Let’s have some fun and learn a prototyping trick or two along the way! We were looking for an interesting way to stress-test our prototyping tools and we came up with a bit of a crazy idea and recreated a classic game for you: Minesweeper! We had a ton of fun creating it and remembered some good times.

So now it’s your turn! Play a little, have fun, and we certainly hope you learn a trick or two that you can apply to your Sketch prototypes!

We’ve created two games, so here they are:

And while we’re here, tell us what are other crazy, interesting or unusual ways you’ve used Sketch prototypes for? We bet you’ve got one or two to share. Or if you have a suggestion for another game you’d like to take a shot at recreating, let us know!


This is really awesome!

Curious, I’ve been able to accidentally get the flag state to appear for cells (mark a cell as a bomb), but I can’t figure out how to reproduce it. What’s the command for setting a cell to a flag?

Hey @Phy thanks for trying the game!

The flags can be set by clicking on the gray square on the top right corner of every cell. It’s a workaround to make up for the lack of secondary click (or right click) in prototypes.

So, to show the flag, click on the upper right corner of the cell and to remove the flag, click on the flag itself, see below:

flagging cells

I hope this helps and that you enjoy the game! :raised_hands:

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