Color picker delay/slow

When hitting Color Picker shortcut (or selecting from the Style eyedropper) I get a sluggish UI for a second before being able to pick a color. Is that happening to other users?

Hello Leo! This is an intriguing issue since we’ve not seen other cases I can recall. It’s true that, on my M1 iMac with Sonoma, I can perceive a minor stutter there when hitting ctrl+C, but I’m not sure if this is what you’re referring to. So, I’d like to narrow down the issue.

Can you replicate the slugginess every single time, no matter the document or programs in the background? If there’s a certain document or process involved, we’d like to have a copy. If you don’t like to attach it here, no prob. We can take a look at it on

It would also be nice if you could tell me your hardware specs, and also the exact macOS version you’re using. All this will help us to find a pattern here.

Hello Leo! We’ve been taking a look and this is indeed something that has been around for some time.

It might take us a while to pick it up and solve since it’s not a super impactful issue, but to answer your question, yeah we’ve had some other reports and we’re aware. I’ve made sure to raise it internally.

Thanks for reporting!

Hi, Jorge

It’s seem it’s the same thing you’ve experienced.