Collapsing tools. Is it me?

Is it me or after the last update tool panels appears collapsed all the time?
Did something changed making me collapse them without noticing? Never happened before.

CleanShot 2023-06-29 at 09.26.10

As of Sketch 96, you can now click anywhere on the labels of panels and subpanels in the Inspector to expand or collapse them, or to add a new property if none already exist, rather than only on the small arrow or plus on the right side.
So I suspect that you might be inadvertently clicking on the titles for some of these.

That may be the case, for sure.
I wonder if, based on my own experience, this is a benefit or otherwise.
I didn’t remember having issues to open or close properties before, but now I am.

Yeah I think that’s what is happening for you. I’ve experienced something similar. I feel as though I’m accidentally collapsing the panels a lot more. I don’t see it as an issue for me though, it makes it easier to expand and collapse them when I don’t have to aim for the little chevron icon. Definitely more accessible as well. It’s something that you’ll get used to I suspect.

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Well, there are in-between solutions, like expanding the clickable area of the chevron icon without making the whole title clickable.

I’m not saying this is the way to go. I’m just one user, not a big enough sample.

I am also having this issue. Usually when I have the colour panel open, I click above or below to close it. Since the change, clicking above closes the tool - so annoying. Click outside should only close the colour panel if it is open.

Yeah, that may be what’s happening to me!

This is interesting feedback. I’ll pass it on to the team to file, to see if this can be improved. :pray:


This keeps happening to me too. Really often.

I’m one of the (perhaps very few) folks who only use a pen tablet and trackpad to work on Mac, no mouse at all, and while I’m not sure it’s because of that, I often inadvertently click on the label and close the tool options, then often spend time looking at the inspector like “where’d my values go?”. Not the best UX honestly.

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