Calculating in Size-Inputs, WOW, thank you

Hey, I just tried to calculate inside an width-inputfield in the inspector-bar. I just thought, will it work? And it worked, these little features makes this little peace of software so valuable.

Just wanted to say: thanks!


Thanks so much!

If you like that, here’s two other related tips.

  1. You can type a percentage value. So if you make the width 50%, it’ll be half the width of its parent group (or artboard). This works with maths too! For example, if you want something that’s 20px narrower than its parent group, you type 100%-20 and voilá.
  2. You can add the letters r, b, and c/m. to resize a layer from the right, bottom, or center/middle. For example, if you have a layer centered and want to increase its width by 50 but keep it centered, add +50c to the end of the current width, and hit Enter.

Thanks for sharing! I really like features like that, because they’re not just fancy, they help alot! Cool!

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