Button Width for Desktop Application (Shop)

Hi! I am struggling to define an appropriate Button Width Concept for a shop platform. (Desktop only) The Button itself is quite simple, label and simple shape. The UX Designer I am working together with wants to align the size to the Grid (12 Column Grid) To me this makes no sense as I would define the width according to the length of the word or I would define 3 fixed sizes (S, M, L). Any Info/ help is very much appreciated. Thanks!

Not everything needs to be aligned to all the columns.
For instance, the button may grow with the text and be centered in the span of three columns, or it can be left aligned to the left column.

I much prefer the second option in your screenshot.
In the case of mobile sometimes it’s better go to full width for the buttons and stack them vertically instead of horizontally. But for desktop, I would go to the first one.

An alternative may be to have fixed width buttons. In that case, the text will be centered inside the button and you will have a max width for the text (you should have in mind your largest text when deciding the button width)

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You can also set up your buttons to be Smart Layout AND to have a Minimum Width, so that it fits in your grid, and you don’t end up with tiny buttons on your Desktop view.

See here:

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Hey guys, thanks a lot to both of you. I do prefer the option to size the button according to the lenth of the Label. However it is really cool to see the Smart-Layout in the Grid Suggestion too, thanks @Brett .

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I Like the idea of a minimum width a lot :slight_smile: