Button resizing + auto layout

I searched for this in the forum and am pretty sure i’m missing something… so apologies if this is a redundant question. I’ve created a button. It has horizontal,left to right, auto layout. I put that button in a new symbol and duplicated, slightly overlapping them (it’s a toggle). I grouped them and gave that group horizontal, left to right, auto layout. When i change the labels, they do not keep their relative spacing.


Hi @dbsneakers welcome to the Forum and thanks for sharing your sample file!

I think all you need to get your button cluster working is to set a minimum width in the base button symbol. By setting the minimum width, when you override the text, the buttons will keep their original size, or resize to be larger if necessary.

Also, you’ll need two more things: set the buttons without overlap so they can resize properly if you enter enough text to make them grow past the min width value; and finally, to handle the border, add a line in the cluster symbol so the border won’t look double. Here’s a screenshot and a sample file, take a look and let me know if this helps:

Min width button cluster.sketch (197.5 KB)