Bigger gaussian blur value than 50

Hello! Sometimes it would be nice to apply gaussian blur with more than 50 points in value, especially when the object is large. This isn’t a dealbreaker, but it would definitely would be nice to have.

Hey Ondřej! :wave:

I’ll certainly pass this suggestion along to the team.
I do have a workaround for you which might make things a little easier in the meantime!

This image contains three circles.

  1. 200px circle, no blur
  2. 200px circle with a Guassian Blur of 50
  3. 100px circle with a gaussian blur of 50 and then scaled by 200% (up to 200px) resulting in a gaussian blur of 100.

If for example you applied a gaussian blur of 50 to a circle sized 10x10, and scaled that up to 200px, that would give a gaussian blur of 1000.

Even better is once you have that, you can then copy and paste the layer style to other objects that support gaussian blur to copy those values across.

I hope that this helps for the time being at least!


Thank you, this definitely helps! But to be honest, I didn’t expected this :sweat_smile::clap:

No problem at all! I’m glad I was able to help!