Can I soften edges on objects instead of the default hard edge?

One common feature in a drawing program is to have some control over how hard the edge is. Usually there is some way that the edge of the object can blend in with the background more.

I was hoping that this feature is also available as I design web elements and wouldn’t have to switch to another drawing / photo tool. I couldn’t find how to do it in an article about shape building in Sketch.

Hey there!

Thanks for the post! Would you mind sharing an example with us? We have some pretty design-savvy users here on the forum that might get ideas from a sample file/example and get going :pray:

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Sure I can send a copy of it, here is a screenshot and the sketch file. The design is made up for several small circles. It started as an EPS I got at a stock site.

The idea I had for it is to make the edges softer so it looks more like the stars that are in the background. As I look at the gaussian blur tool it does a good job blurring the edges. Originally I was looking at the effect options that are under “borders” but maybe the blur options do what I need.

Looking to add soft edges to each individual element.sketch (85.7 KB)

Hi Kendall. Looking at your image above, I think using the blur tool would do just what you need.
Something to point out though, if you are working with a small image and you find that a 1px blur is too much, you can also input a 0.5px blur.

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That is good to keep in mind! I’ll most likely have a variety of different blur settings going on at the same time including slight blurs like 0.5.