Background blur doesn't render correctly in WebApp prototype player

Hello dear Sketch team,

unfortunately I realised today that background blur is not rendered correctly in the Prototype player of the webapp.

It seems to happen rather randomly with each new push but with a tendency to render incorrectly rather frequently. The background blur is therefore usually not rendered correctly.

In the canvas view and in Inspect mode, everything seems to be rendered correctly.

Here are sample images:

Canvas View (correct rendering of background blur):

Prototype Player (incorrect rendering of background blur):

Hey Christian,

Thanks for sharing this. I’m looking into it. Would it be possible that you shared a sample file? It only needs to have enough layers to reproduce the issue, thanks! I’ll share an update shortly

Hi Christian,

I’ve been testing and I must be missing something. So far, the background blurs I’ve added are displaying correctly in Preview mode and the web Prototype Player. Can you take a look at this sample file and let me know what am I missing? Thanks!

Hello @dfmedrano ,

thanks for testing so far and sorry I’m only replying now. Apparently we live in very different time zones.

I have just sent you a link to with access to the affected file. I don’t want to make this public here.

I hope this helps you with your investigation.

Best regards from Germany

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Hi Christian! Thanks so much for sharing the file via email. We do live in different time zones, but our team covers both European and American time zones.

We got your email and will reply there to continue the troubleshooting.

Thanks again and best regards from Mexico