.AVIF - the new next-gen image compression format

Have you ever considered adding .AVIF export? The results of file size vs compression and image quality are amazing - I highly recommend it (on average, I get -90% compared to PNG, and even WEBP).

Some highlights:

  • reduces the file size of images by around ~90%
  • It results in a smaller file size with excellent image quality
  • open to use and royalty-free
  • already at 70% browser support
  • embraces HDR and 12-bit color depth
  • it’s supported on most modern mobile devices (including Android and iOS)
  • supports transparency to replace PNG
  • supports animations to replace GIFs

For more information, I recommend this website - https://avif.io/

Thanks in advance for your response.

We haven’t really considered it as it’s not a format even supported by any of Apple’s platforms – you mention iOS supports it but as I understand it doesn’t, only in third party browsers as I understand. I don’t think we’ll work to add support unless there’s OS level support for it or we see more demand for it.

Both macOS 13 and iOS 16 have native support for AVIF graphics (Safari, Mail, Preview…).

Indeed it seems my information is out of date. Interesting, we’ll look into it.

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Hi there, it’s a really good question !
I know that iOS 16 and MacOS 13 already support .avif files (with quick look and in Safari 16).

I’ve made some tests on my side:

Maybe it will be the future ! Wait and see :wink:

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AVIF isn’t a great image format. For example, the size limit is 6,780 by 4,320 pixels.

Problem with AVIF is that it’s basically a video format, where each image is encoded like a single frame would be encoded in the video.

I wouldn’t pay too much attention to it. Most image delivery systems can still generate AVIF images on the fly based off e.g. JPEG or PNG, where needed. Not something a graphics-authoring software should be too concerned about.