Check out our roadmap

Hey everyone :wave:

Last week, we announced that auto layout is coming to Sketch (some of you probably knew already!). We’ve also put together a roadmap (well, our version), where you can follow the projects we’re working on and how they’re evolving. You can find it at

As always, if you have a suggestions or ideas for us, drop them in the Suggest an idea category of the forum. And if you see an idea you love, give it a vote so others know you’re interested in it too.


Love it. :heart:

This is really great!

Based on the votes I expect typography and text styles to appear in the 3rd row at least. :slight_smile:

Wow, private cloud :sunglasses: Roadmap page is a really great idea. Thank you.

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Please let the community vote on features and your roadmap.


Developer handoff improvements
Building on our recent web app UI updates with a cleaner layout and look, and adding the option to export any asset from your web browser.

OMG! I LOVE IT! It was so annoying to forget to make something exportable. I can’t wait!

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