Ask Me Anything (AMA) with Sketch Marketing Website team

Hello, everyone :wave: We might’ve already met somewhere around the forum, but I’m Vladan — Marketing Website Lead. I’m excited to announce that the whole Website team will be hosting an AMA event on 5 April to answer your questions about how we designed Sketch’s new home page and our blog, Beyond the Canvas.

Homepage Team

Augusto is our Lead Web Designer and has been with Sketch since October 2021. He’ll be answering any web design questions you may have.

For any developers or curious designers out there, I’ll be taking your development-related questions!

Blog Team

Daniel and Miguel are our Web Developers and have been with Sketch since June 2022. They’ll be taking any dev-related questions.

Oz is our Digital Designer and has been with Sketch since October 2021. He’ll be taking all your questions about the blog’s design.

Here are a few pointers on how to participate:

  • Please ask a question by replying to this topic one time only, using the Reply button at the bottom of this topic.
  • Before you ask your question, scroll down and take a look at the existing questions to make sure someone hasn’t already asked yours.
  • Please don’t reply to anyone else’s post as we’ll be using this space to answer their questions. If you’d like to discuss anything in more detail, you can always create a new topic in a relevant category elsewhere.

See you in the comments :point_down:


We get it. Sometimes we just don’t know what to ask! But we’ve got you covered. Check out our interview with the Sketch website team in Beyond the Canvas.