Adobe Fonts in Sketch

This is probably a silly question, however. We are using adobe fonts in our projects. Futura PT to be concrete. So this font isn’t stored locally on my mac (I have the normal default Futura installed, but this is another one).

So the question I have - in very general:
how does Sketch handle those Adobe Fonts? Is there an API where Sketch imports the font directly from Adobe’s servers?

Again, probably a silly question, but I’m currently a bit confused.

i think this may be a very complex feature, because adobe font is a pay font collection, now i have a question for you, ¿Adobe Font dont download the fonts to your computer? for now this is the way Sketch handle in a easy way the font you have installed.

Other ways to easy handle these fonts is embendded the font in the document, check this link
Embedded Font

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Hi Thomas. :wave:
The fonts you activate through Adobe Creative Cloud Fonts ARE actually installed on your Mac, but not in the conventional way, and that is why they do not show up in your Font Book app.
They are in a hidden folder located at:
/Users/<your user name>/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CoreSync/plugins/livetype/.r
Any application on your Mac that can access user-installed fonts can also access these Adobe fonts, not just Adobe apps – and so that also includes Sketch.
So in short, you can install any fonts you want through Adobe Creative Cloud, and Sketch will be able to work with them just like any other installed font.
Hope this helps. :+1:


Hi syokallo and Brett
many thanks for this answer. Brett, this makes totally sense now.
question has been answered :slight_smile:

have a nice day/evening


HI Brett
sorry, one more question. I just headed to the described folder (and found it :wink: ) however, it’s empty, no fonts in there. Do you know why?

Hi Thomas.
To clarify, did you enable the ability to see hidden files and folders on your Mac?
Filenames on Mac that begin with a period will be hidden from view by default, but you can temporarily show them by pressing Shift-Command-Period when in the Finder.
Note that if you use the “Finder > Go > Go to Folder…” + “~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CoreSync/plugins/livetype/.r"option, then this won’t work properly – although it will navigate you to the hidden folder, all the files inside that folder will still be marked as hidden, as they also begin with periods.
Let me know if this works for you now.

thanks Brett. Yes, I am displaying hidden folders. But the /.r folder is empty

Do you definitely have some fonts activated in your Creative Cloud app? :thinking:

I know this sounds strange, haha. But yes, I do have. the only thing is: I can’t show you a screenshot, since I do not have access to our company Adobe cloud anymore (since I actually don’t use any other Adobe products).
But I’m 100% sure, I have the “Futura PT” activated via Adobe Fonts. It’s available in Sketch, but not visible in the font-library of mac.
(a few weeks ago, I still had access to the adobe cloud. I made a test and deactivated one style to see how this affects Sketch. After I’ve deactivated it, it was also not visible in Sketch anymore).

In the end, I must say “it works”. I actually only wanted to know about how this works, cause I didn’t understand it.

many thanks Brett.

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Thanks for your support Brett
yes, I’ve enabled all hidden files by clicking Shift-Cmd-Period. I see all the hidden folders with lower opacity. This is nothing new to me. But the “.r” folder is still empty.
I’ve attached a quick screencapture so you can see what I mean. The font I’m talking about is the “one in the middle” shown in the video - the Futura PT.

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And if you go to do those fonts show as being activated?
Note that if you haven’t used these fonts in awhile, Adobe automatically disables them, and displays this message:

Even if it’s showing there, try toggling it off and then on again, to get them to be reactivated locally on your Mac again.

One final thing is that the Futura font you have showing in Sketch might be an embedded font, which will show up even if deactivated on Adobe Fonts, because it is embedded in the Sketch document.
It’s worth noting that the font doesn’t necessarily have to be embedded in THAT document, and that if it is embedded in any Library documents you have active, then it will show up for ALL your Sketch documents.

I will clarify a few things Brett and then get back to you. In advance, many thanks.

Hi Brett, me again.
I’ve checked again. It’s indeed as you said: I’ve embedded the fonts in my Sketch workspace. That’s why I don’t see any fonts on my local /r storage but still can work with these fonts. Actually a pretty clever way of Sketch, nice.
My question could be solved then, thanks again for your time.


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I just want Adobe fonts to stop randomly uninstalling themselves causing designs in Sketch to appear broken.

Unfortunately, that’s something that Adobe does, based on it determining if your activated fonts have been used recently or not. :frowning:
See here: Adobe Fonts in Sketch - #11 by Brett

Otherwise, to prevent this from happening, you can embed the fonts into your document.

Oh for sure, this is not a Sketch issue. My issue is that Adobe fonts which are very much in use daily get disabled. It seems to happen every few months, which aligns with their statement “Fonts that have not been used in over 150 days will be uninstalled from your system” (source: Solved: Re: Adobe automatically uninstalling fonts - Adobe Support Community - 11827752). I think they don’t recognize use in non-Adobe products, which is probably why this is happening.

Edit: I realize I have gotten a little off topic to OP’s issue. Apologies for that.

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