96.1 Broke all of my Smart Layout in Components

I updated to the latest version 96.1 and now all of my components appear broken. The Smart Layout works, but only if I reset them, and then manually update all the overrides.

Is this something you are aware of? Is there a work around? I’ve tried activating and de-activing the experimental features, but it does little to fix the issue. The components are actually fine, and work as intended, but I need to manually update all the overrides.

At this point, I’m terrified of every new version coming out. This is the second time this happened, and if I eventually need to updated all my designs, then I will need to spend the better part of my sprint just updating all the files.

Hello @cdemetriadis

I’m sorry to hear this and for the inconvenience this is causing. We’re not sure what’s going on here and we would like to investigate this further. Would you mind sharing the document with and any instuctions and/or screenshots possibly clarify if necessary to productsupport@sketch.com ?


Please take a look as this is urgent and affect all members of the team. We’ve currently halted updates to 96.1.

The smart layout situation is certainly painful. I echo your sentiments about being “terrified of every new version coming out”. For the last number of releases its caused considerable stress and refactoring of symbols. We tried to put off upgrading, to stay on a release where our designs were stable, but that makes using Sketch Cloud impossible because the designs there will appear out of whack (because they are rendered as they would in the most recent release). I am at the point now where I am instructing designers to just break their finalized designs apart (flatten symbols) to ensure accuracy in Sketch Cloud.

I realize this response doesn’t offer any solutions, but please know that you are not alone.

Our latest beta provides a fix. I know this isn’t ideal, and we’ll discuss it internally and see how we can avoid this in the future.

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