We’ve got something for you: design reviews!

Do you ever find yourself reworking the same mockup but just can’t seem to get it right? We’ve been there! The reality is we all face the same roadblocks from time to time, but that’s where the beauty of having a community comes in.

You can learn from how other designers can solve similar problems or open yourself up to receiving some honest feedback. To that end, we’d like to introduce our new Design Reviews series, where we can come together to learn and grow as designers.

Our goal is to create a space where you feel comfortable sharing your designs whenever you feel stuck or in need of some validation. Or, you can even ask a question like, “How can I design a checkout flow that includes installment payments?” and we’ll help you out.

To kick things off, we’re sharing this UI example — Sketch file included. Feel free to use, remix — and of course, review and critique in the comments.

This is a design excercise of an eCommerce website for a company that sells postage stamps. What do you think works well? What would you change?

Let the reviews begin! :smile:

Filateliq.sketch (2.8 MB)


Hi @dfmedrano,

This is a great idea!

About the mockups, for me it’s too little information. I’d like a clickable prototype with at least a few screens to get the sense of how are things supposed to work.

Should I be choosing from the two visual alternatives, I’d go with option 2. The spacing is better, and I personally also like the purple button and heading color more.

Structure wise I think it’s okay. Colors are also accessible.

What I don’t like is that the stamps Victorian Vanity and Japan - Kono are cut off from view. The first stamp should be fully visible with another stamp just hinted of where it’s sitting.


Hey @Kilobyte9335 thanks so much for your feedback! It’s super useful to us and we’ll adjust future posts so they are more clear and it’s easier to jump in and participate.

So, about the things you mentioned:

Alternative one or two Yep, I wasn’t so sure about the color variants but I like the purple better too and it does contain a few tweaks about spacing.

Cut off stamps The idea was to give the idea of a horizontal scrollable area, but I think maybe arrow icons may work better? :thinking:

I made a prototype! Here’s the link Take a look., It’s just a few screens, but it should give you an overall feel of how you can browse different sections. Let me know what you think


I love this <3 thanks, @dfmedrano & @raulrincon, for this initiative :heart_eyes: – thanks also @Kilobyte9335 from sharing the feedback!

I opened the doc in Sketch and couldn’t stop myself from playing around with the layout; I apologize in advance for changing it so much >.<

Here are a few things that I considered in this update:

  • Added a bit more spacing everywhere and reviewed the alignment of the header.
  • Reduced the amount of colors to put more focus on the stamps.

I think it is a lot of fun doing these exercises. <3

ps: lovely typefaces! <3


For me, it’s mostly about the colors. I think @ramses palette makes more sense. The blues in the original one create lack of contrast between text and background and feel inconsistent with the pink color in the brand.

Also white space, increasing the distance between elements will make them feel more comfortable in the screen.


Hi, all :wave: Dropping a few handy resources if you’re working on similar designs:

You can always find more good stuff on our blog :nerd_face:


Wow! Thanks so much for your input @ramses, @jaime and @Gaby !

I love the redesign you did Ramsés :star_struck: I now see the stamp thumbnails work better without the background. And also the color works better.

Thanks for the insights Jaime. Also agree that without the blue backgrounds it’s now easier to read!

And thanks a million Gaby for sharing these resources, I’m adding them to my design references!

BTW, the typefaces used are Noah Text (sans serif) and PP Cirka (serif). The logo was done with a beautiful display typeface named Mufteya.