Using addition to rename files


Currently working with a color system that uses numbers to help indicate the “importance” of the color. [01] Primary , [02] Secondary etc. So when I’m browsing the drop-down, the primary color will be at the top.
Now, on a few occasions, there has been a need to expand this color system, and a color that needs to be in the middle of the list. Let’s say I want to add a color that should have the number [03]. But I have that already assigned to another color, so that color now needs to be 04. 04 needs to be 05 and so on. Is there a way to bulk-select color variables/layer styles and do +1 to the numbers?


Hey @Mads Unfortunately, I don’t think there is a solution to this.

It could be a helpful feature, so I’ll change it to the Suggest an Idea section.

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