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Dynamic Gradients (with Color Variables!)

Did you know you can use Color Variables in Gradients? Using the Find and Replace Color functionality you can:

  • Choose a color within your gradient
  • Replace this color, with a Color Variable defined on this Document or Library
  • The gradient will react to any changes you make to the Color Variable as well!

Before Starting

  • Make sure you have defined the Variables you’d like to use
  • Note the colors you are currently using on the gradient. This will make it easier to pick and swap!


  • Select the shape/Element with the Gradient you want to apply the Color Variables to.
  • Go to Edit > Find and Replace Color (⌥⌘F / Option-Command-F)


  • Find use this option select one of the colors you are using on your Gradient.
  • Replace with using the Color Variables Icon, pick the color you would like to replace the previously chosen color with.
  • Now, repeat the same steps for any other color on your gradient.
  • Done!

Here’s a quick video of this procedure in action. Let us know if it helps, and we cannot wait for you to share your tips!

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Thank you for sharing this tip @raulrincon … However, this is more of a workaround than a feature that I have been using for some time.

Wouldn’t it be much better if I could simply assign the corresponding colour variables to the anchor points of the gradient rather than having to use this workaround described here? #featurerequest

That would be really supernice to have.


Very much so! I just wanted to highlight this trick which makes gradients even more dynamic and useful. However, I do agree with you in having this on the UI from the get-go. It would be a really nice addition to the app, and we have already communicated this to the team in charge! :pray:

Now…do you have any other tricks you might want to share? :smirk:

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Editing nested image heights in a symbol.

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Hi @KarlCanBeCool one quick question: do you mean changing the dimensions of the image in a symbol instance or would swapping for another image work as well? Thanks!

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changing image height within a symbol.

Hi Karl, thanks for clarifying.

Image dimensions are not currently available as an override. So if you’re using symbol instances the way to go is to swap for another image, which of course implies having more than one.

However, if you can use groups, you’ll be able to change image dimensions of nested image layers; and if you add Smart Layout, it will also be triggered when changing dimensions in the same direction of the group’s Smart Layout.

I hope this is useful

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