Text Styles menu samples for submenus

Is there a way to control the type samples that show for submenus (i.e. the top level of the flyout menu when you have grouped styles). Sketch seems to arbitrarily choose styles within the submenu and it creates kind of a ransom note look that is difficult to scan. We have both positive and reversed options and also some size variations for mobile. In this screenshot, you can see Sketch mixing in reversed options as well as mobile options (notice how the H2 is smaller than the H3). Everything is ordered consistently in the Components view so it does not seem to be driven by that.

Hi James!

Essentially, I believe that it this menu (and the sub groups) should be sorted alphanumerically and that the first item in each group shiuld use the first item within that group as the preview for the group.

If this isn’t working as expected, would it be possible to share with me a Sketch document containing these text styles so that I can take a look and if necessary file a bug report with the team?
(You can essentially make a copy of your document and remove everything except for the text styles). You can feel free to DM me the document if you prefer or just attach it to this thread.

Thank you!

Here you go. Thanks for your help!
Core Library.sketch (1.4 MB)

Hi James,

Thanks for sending this through!
I’ll look into this and follow up with you here!