Text style overrides

There’s got to be an easier way to uncheck all the text overrides in a symbol.
Just spent an hour unchecking over 1,000 checkboxes to turn off all the text styles.
I mean come on!

Hi Derek and welcome to the Forum!

Version 99 introduced this enhancement! In version 99.x you can enable or disable all overrides from a symbol source with a checkbox at the top of the Manage Overrides panel:


This option seems to only turn overrides on and off. It won’t “uncheck” or “check” overrides. What I need is the ability to uncheck all of them at one time, then check only the ones I need.

Hey @gr8fl4295 Derek!

Hope you’re doing great!

In Sketch 99.1 we introduced the ability to uncheck all the Overrides by checking/unchecking the top level Checkbox:

CleanShot 2023-12-23 at 16.00.13

I think this matches what you’re looking for, right? :eyes:

Awesome! Thank you. My org was using v95.3. We updated.
Can the same unchecking top level be done for “Component Updates” window?

We definitely have this request, and we’ll add your details to the request so we can let you know when that happens! :+1: