Tell us about how bugs affect your workflow

Hi, we’d like to ask for your help . As mentioned in this request , tracking bugs requires a major effort and thinking of it, it may not give us the full picture, so we’d like to take a different approach here.

We’d like to understand not just the problem but it’s context too; so we’d like to ask you to tell us about your use cases, what’s affecting them and if you rely on any workarounds. We feel this will give us valuable insights to understand the problem better and it’ll help us make the most of the resources we have to improve areas that matter to you the most.

How can I contribute?
Tell us your story about how a bug affects your everyday workflow and the impact it has giving as much detail as possible. If you notice someone has the same problem or a similar one, we encourage you to upvote and add any additional details about your specific use case.

Thanks in advance to everyone

One final thing: please avoid using this topic to suggest features, you’re free to suggest an idea here.